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1. What is Filmora Scrn?

Filmora Scrn is a screen recorder launched by Wondershare Technology Corp, compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.11 or later. Filmora Scrn full version is free to download and users can experience all the features.

Wondershare Filmora Scrn has a modern and intuitive design making screen recording much easier than ever. All powerful features are designed for high-quality screen recording. It's the best desktop screen recorder for you to capture Screen/Audio/Webcam and with the video editing suite, you can even make the recordings more excellent.

Filmora Scrn is an easy-to-use screen recorder that is perfect for recording games, or anything else you want to capture. Much more than a simple screen capture program, Filmora Screen Recorder includes a video editing suite tailored for screen recordings. You can cut, rotate, and crop your clips. You can also add annotation and custom cursor effects. Videos created with Filmora Scrn can be exported as MP4, MOV, MP3 or GIF.

Filmora Screen Recorder can be used to record gaming videos, video walkthroughs, video tutorials, gameplay videos, and much more. The screen recording market is quite competitive, but without doubt, Filmora Scrn is one of the most versatile solutions out there as it has great recording features and great editing features.

Filmora Scrn Image

2. Features of Filmora Scrn

Creative Features

# Record From 2 Devices
A key feature of Filmora Scrn is its ability to record simultaneously from your screen as well as a webcam. You might have come across various YouTube picture-in-picture videos and now you can create such videos easily with Filmora Scrn. This way, you can save your time and create engaging videos.
# Adjust Frame Rate (15-120 FPS)
Unlike many other screen recorders, this tool believes in giving you the complete control of settings. If you wish, you can go for a very low 15 FPS, or you can turn up the things to 120 fps. This will turn out to be pretty useful if you’re recording a gaming session with tons of action. Perfect for recording fast-paced games. (Up to 60 fps for Mac)
# Full Editing Suite
After using this screen recorder tool, you don’t need to open some other video editing software and import the raw clips for performing the editing job. Filmora Scrn itself comes equipped with a variety of professional tools for making your video more stunning.
# Changeable Cursor
Filmora Scrn also lets you take advantage of its changeable cursors to make your recorded videos more appealing. Adjust the size, shape, and color of your cursor to make it stand out.

Other Features

# Picture In Picture
Add a second image or video to your main footage, like a face cam for gaming.
# Annotations
Add text and other elements to enhance the learning experience for your viewers.
# Import Over 50 File Formats
Import images, videos, music, and other media files.
# Export To MP4, MOV, GIF
Export to multiple formats
# Custom Recording Field
Choose to record all, or just part of, your computer screen.
# Tutorial Features
Draw circles and arrows on your screen to help direct attention.

Filmora Scrn Demonstration

3. Download Filmora Scrn for Windows/Mac

The newest version of Filmora Scrn for Windows/Mac is free to download. You can simply down Filmora Scrn 2.0 from Filmora Scrn Download. Unlike many other screen recorders, Filmora Scrn itself has a built-in video editor with a variety of powerful editing tools. You don't need to open some other video editing software and import the raw clips for performing the video editing. Of course, you can use Filmora video editor to edit your clips more professionally. And use FilmoraGo for your mobile video editing if needed.

3.1 What's New with Filmora Scrn 2.0?

• New express export of recording file for use in Filmora and other apps. No rendering required.
• New recording quality options for smaller file sizes.
• New blend mode and opacity settings for compositing layers.
• New blur and mosaic annotations to hide private information on the screen.
• New image border for PIPs and split screens.
• Now supports recording voiceover within the editor.
• New keyboard and mouse shortcuts to quickly navigate timeline and adjust layer positioning.
• HEVC/H.265 encoder option for export (dependent on user's OS and hardware).
• Fixed snapshot to save full resolution image.
• Improved handling of PNG and GIF transparency.

3.2 System Requirements For Windows

• Supported OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit)
• Processor: Intel i3 or better multicore processor, 2GHz or above
• RAM: At least 3GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos)
• Disk: At least 2GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD and 4K videos)
• Screen Resolution: 1366*768 or better
• Internet: Internet connection is necessary for software registration and access to online services like Effects Store.

3.3 System Requirements For Mac

• Operating System: Mac OS X 10.11(El Capitan), Mac OS X 10.12(Sierra), Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
• CPU: 2G Hz or above Intel processor
• Memory: At least 4GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos)
• Disk: At least 2GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD and 4K videos)
• Internet: Internet connection is necessary for software registration and access to online services like Effects Store.

3.4 Filmora Scrn Technical Specifications

Supported Input Formats

Video Formats AVI, DV, DIF, NUT, H261, H264, NSV, FLV, MKV, MP4, M4V, PSP, 3GP, MOV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, DAT, EVO, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, WMV, ASF, DVR-MS

Supported Output Formats

Video Formats MP4 (H.264/HEVC), MOV
Audio Formats MP3
Photo Formats GIF


4. Filmora Scrn Tutorial for Windows

It won't take much time to download and install Filmora Screen Recorder successfully on your computer/MacBook. With intuitive Filmora Scrn interface and our elaborate tutorials, you can quickly learn how to use Filmora Scrn. The following will guide you to use Filmora Scrn on Windows/Mac, please read the Filmora Scrn tutorial step by step if you're not sure how to record screen and edit video with Filmora Scrn.

4.1 Navigate Filmora Scrn

Similar to Filmora video editor, Filmora Scrn Interface is designed with only a few main buttons, which are "Get Started", "Quick Capture", and " Video Editor". There are also Register and Purchase options in the upper-right. You can upgrade the software to paid version by inputting Licensed Email and Registration Code, but you need to purchase first so as to get the code. Or you can just continue with the free trial version.

Filmora Scrn Interface


# Get Started
By clicking on the "Get Started" button, you will enter the Setup interface. And before recording your screen video, it's highly recommended to set up first. It gives you four options, Screen, Audio, Camera, and Advanced.

In Screen option, you can customize your capture area and frame rate (up to 120fps for Wins and 60fps for Mac). Of course, if you are going to record a gameplay, you can check the Game option and choose the game name and set the frame rate accordingly.

Filmora Scrn Screen


In Audio option, you can choose whether to record computer audio or microphone. If you choose to untick the Screen option, Filmora Scrn will work as an audio recorder.

Filmora Scrn Audio


In the Camera option, you can choose a camera as a second device to record your face. This is really perfect for those who need to record a gameplay. Besides, you can adjust the resolution and frame rate to make the recording smoother and more fascinating.

Filmora Scrn Camera


In Advanced option, you can change where recordings are saved to, enable GPU acceleration, and enable an auto-hide version that hides the recording controls while you're recording. Encoding settings can be adjusted here too. You can select from AVC(H.264) or Fast JPG. In AVC the high setting offers the best quality but uses 50mb of disk space for each minute of recording. The mid setting uses 25mb of disk space every minute and the low setting uses 10mb every minute. Fast JPG uses up a lot more space. It uses 650mb a minute in the high setting, 350mb in mid, and 150mb in low setting. You will also find a hotkeys section in the advanced settings area that lets you set shortcuts for starting and stopping, pausing and resuming, full screen recording, and adding markers.

Filmora Scrn Advanced


After the settings done, click "Capture" on the lower-right to start the capture window and be ready to record your screen, audio, webcam.

# Quick Capture
Once you click the "Quick Capture" button, you will directly enter the capture window. All parameters will set up by default. To start recording, simply click on the big pink button. You can also easily switch between Setting and Editor.

# Video Editor
One of Filmora Scrn's greatest advantages is its Video Editor, that enables users to edit their videos with the same software they've used to record them. The Video Editor is similar to most video editing software.

4.2 How to Record Screen?

To record your computer screen, just click "Quick Capture" or "Get Started". It's recommended to set up first before you start recording. After all parameters set up, click on the big pink button or press F10 on your keyboard to start recording. For stopping the recording, press F9 or click "Pause Capturing button". After the recording is done, it will automatically export the video to the Video Editor.

Filmora Scrn Record Screen


4.3 How to Edit Video?

To edit video, just click "Video Editor" and wait for a minute to load the program. In Video Editor Mode you can customize your captured video clip on the timeline by adding annotation, cursor, or cutting, cropping, resizing, rotating the capture as you like.

1. Media Library: You can choose all kinds of media from the media library, including videos, music as well as photos. You can also find some preset Annotation and cursor options here.

2. Preview Window: It shows the video that is being played currently in the timeline.

3. Properties Window: The Properties Window shows the Visual, Audio and Cursor properties of the video clip.

4. Timeline: On the timeline, you can assemble your video clips, edit and add annotation or other sources to your project.

Filmora Scrn Video Editor


4.4 Import Media

Once the editing is done, you can go ahead and click on "Export", and then choose "Create Video". You will now be taken to a new menu where all the output information of the edited video will show up. Here you can make all the changes you want, and once you have made the changes, you can click on "Export" to export the video.

Or if you want to export the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and twitch, just log in, edit the title, description, tags, and then adjust Quality and Privacy, finally click on "Export" to share the video.

Filmora Scrn Export MP4

5. Wondershare Filmora Scrn for Mac

As a free screen video recorder, Filmora Scrn can record your screen and webcam simultaneously and edit the recording clip with a built-in video editor. Filmora scrn for Mac is a simple, user friendly, screen recorder that allows you to record a customized portion of your screen. Filmora scrn can record fast paced games at up to 120fps.

More than just a screen capture tool, Filmora scrn is equipped with a basic video editing suite for customizing your captures. You can cut, rotate, zoom in/out, and add annotations or cursor effects to upgrade your videos.

There has slight difference between the Mac version and the Windows version. They share the same features and operation. So, if you want to learn how to use Filmora on your MacBook, just check the Filmora tutorials for Windows.

6. How to Crack Filmora Scrn?

Filmora Scrn is the best screen recorder software for PC. Users can experience all the wonderful features with Filmora Screen Recorder free trial version. However, free version contains watermark and watermark is the only limitation for Wondershare Filmora free trial version. But don't worry. Here I am sharing you the trick by which you can remove filmora watermark for free. The following are the latest and working Filmora Licensed Email and Registration Code in 2018. Check the steps below and remove Filmora watermark for free.

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If the codes are not working, there is another way to use premium Filmora Scrn for free.
STEP 1. Download Filmora Scrn Crack.
STEP 2. Copy "UpdateRegister.dll"
STEP 3. Right-click Filmora Scrn software on your desktop and select "Open File Location".
STEP 4. Paste "UpdateRegister.dll" here and choose "Copy and Replace". (Copy and save the original "UpdateRegister.dll" is necessary)
STEP 5. Now, it's done. And please note that the software is registered but it won't show Licensed Email and Register Code.

7. FAQs About Filmora Scrn

7.1 Is Filmora Scrn Free?

Wondershare Filmora Scrn provides a free trial version for users to experience this impressive screen recording software. Of course, Filmora Scrn also has made different plans for customers to subscribe according to their needs and more features are going to unlock with your upgrading. The Filmora Scrn price is $19 for a yearly subscription and $29 for a lifetime license. It is available on both Mac and Windows.

Filmora Scrn Price


7.2 Is Filmora Scrn Compatible With 32 Bit Operating Systems?

Filmora Scrn requires a 64-bit operating system to install. You can find all of the technical specifications on Download Filmora Scrn for Windows/Mac section.

7.3 How to Remove Watermark From My exported Videos?

Select "Register" and enter the registration code you were sent when you purchased Filmora Scrn as well as your email address. Your future videos will not include Filmora Scrn's branded watermark.
To remove the watermark from an existing project, select either "Open project" or "Open recent under File". Then, locate a Filmora Scrn project (.wsfproj) and open it.
Click "Export" and select your video format. The resulting video will not be watermarked.

NOTE. Watermarks can only be removed from Filmora Scrn project files (.wsfproj files), not exported videos. If you have not purchased Filmora Scrn yet, make sure to keep your project files.

7.4 What is the Difference Between the Free Trial Version and Premium Version?

The free trial includes all of the same features as the full version. The only limitation of the trial is that exported videos are watermarked.

8. Filmora Scrn Alternative - TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder Icon

# TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional screen-capturing tool that helps you record screen activity, online videos, streaming audios, and games, etc. Easily with high output quality. You can record all kinds of videos with this software without any limitation. Recording any videos like a game, Skype or TeamViewer chatting you need at any time. Except for recording videos, you can also use TuneFab Screen Recorder to take a screenshot when you want to keep some special information or moments during using a computer.

Filmora Scrn Reviews

Not buggy like a lot of screen recording programs. I kept getting surprised at the features that were available without any special packages. Totally worth buying it… Really, truly five stars!By Phil
Filmora Scrn is so great!!! I can record my gameplay smoothly and edit the recording with its video editor. Thanks to Filmora Scrn, my videos on YouTube attract a lot of subscribers.By Lance Carr
Finally, a free and yet powerful screen recorder for me. By the way, I dont care the Filmora Scrn's branded watermark at the end. The software is totally awesome!! By Michael